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Eunoia is an eclectic collection of haunting poems, some light and breezy, others dark and gripping, some offering solace and comfort, others setting you thinking about the meaning of life and everything we do.

Yet throughout, Majethia very boldly helps the reader explore and discover, jump into danger, into depths, dare, and dream, showing the reader what a fascinating and twisted feeling it is to live within the skin of the universe rather than live on top of it.

It’s a must-have collection for every genre of thinker as it speaks to everyone, from the timid wallflower and the soul-seeker to the tormented, the devout, the enthusiast . . . and people all along the spectrum of possible emotions and existence. Also interspersed with thought-provoking “answer this” and say-it-to-yourself styled affirmations, Eunoia is a literary treat that will never lose its relevance.